2021 Annual

Cookie DOugh Sale

Orders are due no later than next Friday, October 29th.

40% of the money you turn in will go directly to your account to cover spring trip payments, unpaid fees, next year’s fees, etc.

Sell 10 items-get one free! And then a free item every 5 after that!

We hope to have items back the week before Thanksgiving break.
Remember sugar cookies are not pre-portioned and
there are 40 cookies in each box.
If at all possible it would help me IMMENSELY if each student/parent could consolidate as much of the cash as possible into a single check. As the band grows….. so does the amount of fundraiser participants and money that has to be counted. (Good problem to have!!) Anything you can do to help ensure the order form is turned in with the correct amount of money as consolidated as possible will be a HUGE help to me.

40 Cookies Per Box (Pre-Portioned)$20 / Box

Single Tub$20 / Tub

40 Cookies Per Box (Pre-Portioned)$22 / Box

Edible Cookie Dough (2lb. Tub)$20

Chunky Chocolate Chip

MMM Candies

Brownie Batter