Alexandria High School

Concert Band

The High School Concert Band focuses on performance of high-level concert band literature with focus on proper performance fundamentals in tone production (individual and ensemble), rhythm, dynamics and expression.

Students perform at our annual Christmas & Spring concerts, as well as performing for the state Music Performance Assessment each year.  Students may also audition for county, regional, and state honor bands and ensembles. These auditions take place on designated times and dates throughout the year and consist of students playing scales, set pieces and sight reading pieces. 


Each student should come to class PREPARED (well-practiced).

Each student should be on their best behavior, at all times.
I'll accept nothing less.

Each student should come to class with all of their required materials (instrument with all necessary parts, music, and pencil)


Why practice?

Playing a musical instrument is a physical activity which requires daily repetition to develop strength and accuracy. Practice also helps students strengthen their embouchure, which is required to play notes accurately.

Where to practice?

Since practice involves an incredible amount of focus, students should practice ina place with the least amount of distractions as possible. If at all possible, try to practice in the biggest room available and try to fill the room with big beautiful sound.

What to practice?

When to practice is not nearly as important as setting a consistent practice schedule for every day. Even a few minutes can help keep the  muscles in shape as well as the instrument.

What to practice?

Warm Up Scales Title Title Title Title Title

10 - 30 Minutes

Breathing, long tones, mouthpiece alone, lip slurs, etc.

10 - 30 Minutes

Learn all 12 scales!