Sound of the Valley

Marching Band

While students who participate in the SOTV Marching Band have a lot of FUN, they also have  the opportunity to develop character traits that will help them prepare for their future, such as discipline, dedication, and teamwork. The camaraderie and “family” atmosphere helps students to develop friendships that often carry on for the rest of their lives.

Under the direction of Anna Barnes, the Sound of the Valley Marching Band has built a reputation for it’s entertaining and colorful performances on the field, support for our Valley Cub football team, and excellence in competitions. They consistently receive superior ratings at competitions around northeast Alabama, and have been invited to participate in events around the country.  The Band has seen many students move on to participate at the collegiate level, and pursue successful careers in music education. 

You’ll be required to play outdoors, in temperatures ranging from frozen to sweltering, wear the most hot, ill-fitting outfit imaginable, and we’re going to throw in early morning practice and weekend events for good measure. Sound like fun? Marching with the SOTV Marching Band is not for the “faint of heart”, but for those who have what it takes, it is an INCREDIBLE experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime!